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The Dragon and the Doctor
Ryu was walking the halls of the Guardians' base, having never set foot inside before.  He held a letter in his hand regarding a meeting that he was required to attend.  It was Guardians orders.  He came to a door and slowly opened it.
Rebecca Weller was playing with her i-pad, chewing on her bubblegum and generally not watching where she was walking.  She hadn't notice that the door in front of her was opening without her touching it.  She pushed it as it opened away from her and plowed straight into Ryu.
He ran into the unknown person as she fell to the floor.  "Oh my, I'm so sorry Ma'am.  Are you alright?" Ryu asked as he offered her his hand her.
"Hey!  Why don't you watch where you're walking, you stup... id..." Rebecca looks up as see Ryu extending his hand to help her up.  She appeared to be a bit stunned at the handsome man and sheepishly stuck her hand out to accept his offer.
Ryu helps h
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Split Decision
It was a slow day at the Guardians' communication center.  As always, Polygirl and several of her duplicates were milling about monitoring several screens observing different regions of Angel Falls.  A couple of others were tinkering with various mechanical devices of unknown origin.  FireBrandi was out on patrol leaving her friend to herself which was a rarity of late.
Frank Petrovich cautiously entered the room looking around nervously not really knowing what to expect.  The last time that he was here didn't end pleasantly for him.*  This time, however, it was going to end differently.  For today, he was bound and determined to ask Polygirl out on a date!
Frank looked at his hands as he tried to stop them from shaking.  It's been a while since he was out on a proper date and that didn't turn out well.  He took a deep breath and approached what appeared to be the main Polygirl. &
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A Dish Best Served....
(Note - this story is a follow up to "A Day at the Fair")
Ben Trek was in a hurry.  There was a lot of work to do preparing for this afternoon's show.  He came down to the cafeteria in the station's building to grab a quick bite to eat while going over the news stories he wanted to cover.  He was in luck; there was a free table in an easy to get to location.  Ben sat down with his sandwich, soda, and a stack of notes to go through.  
He barely started when he heard "Ben Treck?  Excuse me sir, but are you Ben Treck?"
Ben looked up to find a very excited young woman positively beaming at him.  She looked to be about 20, with shoulder length blond hair, and very pretty.  Smiling back "Yes I am.  How can I help you?"
Her eyes went wide, "Oh my god! It is really you!  I am such a big fan Mr. Treck! I listen to you all the time.  You so tell it like it is!"  She was bouncin
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I have been deciding whether or not to write this on my dA journal or not but after seeing a few others, I have started typing.

Well... at approximately 5:05pm PT Tuesday (10/14/14), I lost my dear boy, best friend and companion. Baxter, was sent to the Rainbow Bridge by my vet, Dr. Wilson. He had mostly stopped eating the past month and had lost quite a bit of weight.  His bones were very pronounced when you petted him.  I'm not sure if this was related to his bladder tumor or not but when I took him to the park, he really didn't want to play with the other dogs or do much of anything.  I'm not sure how Emma, my dalmation/lab mix, will react to him not being around after ten years together.  We gave him quite a bit of food the past couple of days, all of his favorites (peanut butter & Milk Bones). He even cleaned up the floor in the kitchen before we left. He actually gained a pound from yesterday which makes me think that maybe I could've done something for him. I'm still mad at that vet hospital for denying me a more pervasive ultrasound to determine if he could've been operated upon for the tumor.

Baxter did have a scared look in his eyes as he watch the vet do the deed. Probably because of the needle in general he was sticking into his leg.

I'm sorry for rambling on various thoughts but I miss my boy. I will miss all the silly things he did like lay in front of the bathroom door so I would trip over him in the dark, rub his eyes on the walls and corners (:omg:), urinating over the same spot that Emma did just moments prior, always begging for food (just standing off to the side waiting for scraps), his bunny radar where he knew if a rabbit were just outside the house even if he was on the other side of the house -- (he could hear them somehow!),  following me around like he was my shadow (let there be no doubt, he was MY dog.. :D), rolling into your hair after you either colored or washed it (I've never seen a dog do that), his barking to let you know he needed food (Emma will just grab the dish and throw it at you), and his barking at dogs to either separate other dogs from "fighting" each other (playing) or to get them to run so he could chase. He used to chase along the little dogs along the fence at the park (the fence dogs).  There were many other things that made him uniquely Baxter.

We bought him at 3 years old in October 2004 as a companion for Emma when she reacted favorably to the puppies at Pet Smart. He was only at the store for an hour when we adopted him as we were on their call list for a new dog. He is a very lovable lug and although not nearly as smart as Emma, he always was very approachable and would lick your face if you let him.

Unfortunately he didn't quite get up to his 13th birthday (Nov 26) nor did he get one last romp in the snow. I was going to take him to Mt. Charleston for that last venture. I will also miss his plowing his face in the snow or water in the pool. I felt bad when we moved to Vegas away from the cold weather as he really loved that.

I have been taking a lot of pictures and videos of the last few days and I'll probably share some of them.

Tuesday was the part of owning a dog that I dislike the most.

Baxter, you'll be joining Bo and Mocha and your Bampa where you'll get plenty of walks, jumping on laps, chasing squirrels, and all the people food you want.

On a side note, when we went to say grace before we ate dinner and reflecting on the good fortune we had to have Baxter, Emma came in from outside, walked over to me and put her head under my hand as the blessing was said. As soon as it was finished, Emma turned around and walked outside once more. I know that my girl is a very smart dog but I'm speechless that this event occurred. God works in mysterious ways indeed.

Baxter 5/9/11 by Zespara  Baxter's Last Park Visit by Zespara Baxter's Last Day by Zespara Baxter and Emma by Zespara


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